The Parish Church

The visit to the parish church, rebuilt after a blaze allows us to see the source where Bernadette was baptized shortly after birth. The purification water will be a constant sign in the apparitions, Also Mary explains her the importance of saving water that washes our sins in the ninth apparition, on February 25th. The large crowd present sees the girl smears her face with mud and then eat the grass. No one understands, but is the Virgin who asks to Bernadette to wash and eat grass for penance. At the moment you can only see the sin that smears man and reduces him like an animal, just two days after Bernadette finds the clear water flowing from the source: is the water of life that erases sin and restores to man the light of his face that is in the likeness of God, it is the call to our baptism.

On the back wall there is a beautiful altar piece that tells about some episodes of the life of Bernadette from baptism to the first communion. Two stained glass windows depicting Bernadette at her parish priest (Abbé Peyramale who is buried in the crypt): the first time (March 2nd) when the Virgin asked her to go and tell the priests to go there in procession and to build there a chapel, second time (March 25th) when she goes to report the name of the lady: “I am the Immaculate Conception” and so she convinces the priest, until then skeptical about the authenticity of the apparitions.

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