The Hospice

Already thirty years before, the Sisters of Charity of Nevers had founded this institution who took care of the education of poor girls and care of patients most in need. Here Bernadette begins to go to school here and received the First Holy Communion on 3th June, 1858. Who protested that Bernadette had not followed the catechism classes, the pastor replied: “Oh, Bernadette made it her catechism in the Grotto”.

Meanwhile, the miserable cachot is stormed by a crowd of visitors who want to know the seer, they want to touch her, to ask for miracles, cut pieces of dress, offer all sort of thing to hear the story of the apparitions.

Bernadette never accept anything, not even an apple and a lady who handed her a coin, she refused it and said: “It burns me”.

To avoid this chaos in 1860, the parish priest took her to the hospice where Bernadette continues her studies, but she also makes her first experiences as a nurse’s aide and feels that her vocation is to care for the sick, “especially the elderly and disgusting “, to which she nourishes a boundless tenderness. Also she learns how to sew and embroider and, finally, to speak French.

Gradually she matures her decision, she feels that this is his way and in 1866 she applied for the order of the Sisters of Charity, “I will come to you because you care for the poor and I love the poor, I want to join you because you have never forced me”.

Her application is accepted and Bernadette leaves to always Lourdes to go to Nevers where she will be making her way to holiness.

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