Guests have at their disposal two ski lifts completely separated, to satisfy the needs of those who live in the lower part and the upper part of Salus.


The elevators “1/2/3” serve the floors:

  • -0   underground (Quai Boissarie – Sanctuary access)
  • 0     Reception – Bar – Shop
  • 1st    Self service
  • 2nd    Rooms 201 – 213
  • 3rd   Rooms 301 – 313
  • 4th    Rooms 401 – 413
  • 5th    Rooms 501 – 509
  • 6th    Refectory for pilgrims – The Chapel

Lifts in service for the higher Salus

There are not direct lifts from the ground floor to the 10th floor. You should always reach the 6th floor with lifts 4/5/6, and change lift to overcome the remaining levels between the 6th and the 10th floor.

The elevators “4/5/6” serve the floors:


  • -0
  • Underground (Quai Boissarie – Sanctuary access)
  • 0     Ground floors (Reception – Bar –Shops)
  • 6th    Refectory for pilgrims – The Chapel

At the sixth floor where are located the dining hall, you will change the lift

The elevators “7/8/9” serve the floors:

  • 6th    Refectory for pilgrims – The Chapel
  • 7th    Transit – Rue de Pau
  • 8th    Rooms 801 – 817
  • 9th    Rooms 901 – 917
  • 10th  Rooms 1001 – 1015


1. Do not give anyone the role as elevator operator, neither self-promote as elevator operator it to avoid unnecessary complications.

2. Waiting times at the floor of the elevators must be reduced to a minimum, then never keep an elevator with open doors on the floor waiting for the arrival of friend or to talk.

3. On the control panel, inside the cabin, there is a command to close faster the doors. Activate it when everybody is in.

4. Pay attention to the photoelectric cell on the door, is designed to prevent kickback on people entering and exiting the cab, but it is very sensitive and every obstacle prevents the door from closing.

5. Request only necessary stops, every useless request lengthens times.

6. Get ready, during the time in the elevators in order to exit as soon as the elevator stops at the floor, again to avoid prolonged periods

7. When more people are waiting for the elevator, organize guests so that more people go up on a lift direct in the same floor.

8. Pay attention to the voice in the cabin in order to get off at the right floor.

9. Give priority to the disabled people with wheelchairs and, if we can, we make one or two floor walking, mostly downhill, to avoid unnecessary queues.

10. Always have to have a little patience.

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