The Salus develops on twelve different levels, the orientation may seem difficult because the structure
consists of two separate blocks, connected by a central service tower, but it isn’t.

The lower part:
It develops from underground on the Quai Boissaire up to the 6th floor. We are in the south that is situated directly overlooking to the Sanctuary.

The upper part:
It develops from the 6th floor to 11th floor. We are in the north overlooking to the Rue de Pau.

At the center:

We find the lift tower that connects the two blocks.

The totality of the structure to accommodate 344 guests:

  • Thelower parthas a capacity of173beds (levels 2 – 3 –4 – 5);
  • The upper parthas a capacity of171beds (levels 8 – 9– 10).

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