In the Salus Infirmorum are provided some rooms available to the health service of the pilgrimage. The property’s division into two blocs has created two separate facilities and fully autonomous. The first, located on the ground floor, is available to guests of the floors 2, 3, 4, 5; the second is located on the 6th floor for guests of the floors 8, 9, 10.

ambulatorio 6° piano

Each unit includes a MEDICAL AMBULATORY – PHARMACY able to contain the health and pharmaceutical equipment of the pilgrimage. With this you will find a ROOM FOR THE DOCTOR in night service.

In any ambulatory some equipment was provided, such as:

  •      Film viewer (only at ground floor);
  •      Ambu;
  •      Sterilizer (only on the 6th floor);
  •      vacuum cleaner;
  •      Medical cart;
  •      Cylinder of emergency oxygen.

ambulatorio piano terra

There are not equipped of medicinal products needed to therapy and the emergency room.

Each pilgrimage will then make the necessary medicines and to the medication material.


impianto ossigeno

N.B .: On each floor there are 3/4 rooms with oxygen plant column for guests undergoing oxygen therapy. The flowmeters are available at the reception of the ground floor.

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