It is the heart of the home, it’s located on the sixth floor in the attic of the old central tower, is one of the most beautiful and fascinating place of the whole structure.

To note:

  • The fish symbol, which is repeated on the entrance door, on the cross, on the Tabernacle, on the altar
  • The altar with its bronze band
  • The Tabernacle that is the world carried by the hands of three angels-Tabernacle of God
  • The bronze Cross formed by a set of fish
  • The opening to the cave which explains the absence of Marian depictions within this place,
  • The centenary medallion, which reminds us the long path of the Unitalsi.

It is always open and ready to receive individual and community prayers of each of us. The Blessed Sacrament is always present every day of the year.

Able to accommodate 60/80 people, can become a place of celebration, with the approval of the assistant of the pilgrimage and the priest chaplain of the Salus present on behalf of the National President.

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