We are at the level of the Quai Boissarie. Here we find the Transit of access to the Sanctuary provided with the materials necessary for the exit and return of the guests.

The space is large enough, it may be insufficient if team of stretcher bearers who serve, do not organize themselves to reception and reorganization of materials available.

Transit -0

In transit are deposited the means of transfer for our guests: wheelchairs, chairs, stretchers. Inside we also find wool blankets and tarpaulins for shelter from cold and rainy days.

For security reasons, it is essential a control of this place by volunteers from 7 am to 11 pm.

Deposito Immondizia -0

Also on this floor there is the garbage depot used for the disposal of waste from the floors.
From the transit you can reach upper floors with 6 lifts:

  • The lifts 1/2/3 to access the floors 0-1st – 2nd – 3rd – 4th – 5th – 6th
  • The lifts 4/5/6 used by the guests of the high Salus to access at the floors 0-6 ° (exchange lift access 8th – 9th – 10th) and 7th.



It is the main meeting place for guests who live in the Salus.

reception Salus

On this level are:

  • The officedirectionof the House;
  • Thereception;
  • Themedical clinicand pharmacy;
  • Thedoctor’s room;
  • The secretariat of thepilgrimage;
  • Thebar;
  • The shopfor religious itemsand souvenirs;
  • A little shop where youcan buy productsfor personal hygiene;
  • The salon;
  • The playground for the little ones;
  • The internet point.


It includes:

  • Self-service reserved for the staff, guests of the Hotel Florence and Stella Maris, trainees and also at the homeless in accordance with agreements with the Diocese of Lourdes. The Self-service can accommodate shifts of 250 people;
  • The Bar


They are served by our volunteers of the Hospitality “Immaculate Heart of Mary”.


  • The PANORAMIC TERRACE overlooking to the Sanctuary. We recommend that you go there to enjoy at 9.00 pm, with flambeaux, a particular moment of intense spirituality.

5° piano


  • The DINING HALL guest house.

sala da pranzo 6° piano


  • The TRANSIT AREA may be required for moments of meeting and entertainment in the days when they are not scheduled arrivals and departures of pilgrimages. It can accommodate about 150/200 people. It is equipped with a sound system. It is also possible to transform it into the projection room for the presence of a large screen.


  • The PANORAMIC TERRACE overlooking to the Sanctuary, the town of Lourdes, the mountains chain of the Pyrenees. It would be desirable that all guests have, at least once, the chance to discover this place to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.

To reach the terrace you must use the stairs from the 10th Floor.

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