“Que soy era Immaculada Concepciou”, this inscription reads on the pedestal of the statue placed in the hollow of the rock. This is a work of the sculptor Hugues Joseph Fabish, carved into the Carrara marble in the 1864 and offers to the Sanctuary from Elfride e Sabine de Lacour of Lyon. “She’s this and she isn’t this” said Bernadette when they show her this sculpture, it is only a pale image of the “Beautiful Lady” who had appeared to her.

At the foot of the statue there is also a rose garden, of which the catholic priest of Lourdes Abbé Peyramale has asked for flowering to proof the authenticity of the apparitions. This miracle is never happened. Inside the Grotto, at the left of the altar is visible the source that Bernadette, the 25th February 1858, day of the 9th apparition, she has discovered digging out in the place indicated by the Virgin. This water, which has nothing of amazing
(the analyzes relieve a normal drinking water without particular property) is channeled towards the fountains and pools. Drink this water, bring it at home, wash oneself, are acts of faith.

Every year millions of pilgrims gather in front of this Grotto to meet in prayer; they love to touch and kiss this rock as a sign of faith towards God, the live rock on which we build solidly our lives.

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