The chapels


It can accommodate 130 people of which 5 disabled and it was inaugurated on 18th June 1995. It is located on the prairie, the rear of the Church of St. Bernadette. Here is possible the meet with Christ in the Eucharist and personal prayer. The tabernacle in the form of golden wood column recalls the exodus of Israel led by a pillar of fire to the Promised Land. The 12 pillars of the structure symbolizing the 12 apostles: foundations of the Church. The Adoration takes place from April to October from 6.00 pm to midnight.


It has a maximum capacity of 450 people, including 80 disabled people in wheelchairs. It is open from April to October from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm and is situated along the tree-lined avenue that runs along the left bank of the Gave near the Calvary of the Britons. It was designed in 1968 by architect Pietro Vago.


Confession is the starting point to meet Mary. The pilgrim always feels the need to discharge the weight of his sin in response to the message of Mary to Bernadette, which recall more times prayer for sinners.

Every day a confessor is present. During the pilgrimage, penitential moment is punctually proposed but also outside of this time you can meet with a priest.

The chapel is located on the left of the Virgin crowned near the center of John Paul II (ex Asile Notre Dame). Inside are available 48 confessional divided by language and a trace of personal meditation in preparation at the time of the confession.

Near the chapel there is a statue of the parish Priest of Ars, who spent many hours to confess the many patients who came from everywhere to confession in his small village.

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