Over the past two years our association, considering of several factors, has agreed to acquire certain structures to Lourdes in order to finally solve the many problems encountered in the reception of pilgrims.

For someone this may seem like an activity not appropriate with that Unitalsi, you could also think of a sort of hotel business entirely unrelated to the spirit of pilgrimage; in reality these decisions are vested in the light of the many changes that have occurred in Lourdes over the past few years, the result of which was a condition of the hotel now reduced to a level of quality definitely critical for our volunteers and pilgrims.

This has created a center of hospitality all around the Salus Infirmorum: La Source hotel, the Florence and the Maris Stella to facilitate the service of volunteers and offer the opportunity to live in decent facilities and managed personally by us.
Naturally you can stay in our “houses” also pilgrims who are not part of our pilgrimage. To book just contact us.

It is necessary that all facilities Unitalsi are used primarily by participants in pilgrimages, because their capacity is exploited as much as possible so that we can optimize the costs of management and maintenance.

It is important to be aware that the hotel facilities Unitalsi are not held for commercial gain, but that the service of charity is and will remain the primary purpose of the Association.

Certainly the Salus remains the House Unitalsi for excellence. The costs of maintaining this structure cannot be billed only by the sick guests, would demand payment of a participation fee too high; For this reason, every participant, volunteer or pilgrim, contributes, for a fee a little higher, at the reception of the sick.

We invite pilgrims to visit the Salus, its rooms, common areas, self-service, the infirmary where they can find medical assistance in case of need, so that they can fully understand the quality of hospitality that we offer to people who are sick, which is contributed even with their part of the share.


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