Casa Italia

casa italia
The Restaurant Pizzeria Casa Italia is situated on Quai St. Jean, in front of the Salus, on the lakefront Gave.

It is an opportunity not to be missed and to consider to taste a good pizza, a plate of spaghetti, an ice-cream or an Italian coffee. The friendliness of our staff allows a warm reception and generous.

So, with us you can find everything you need for a moment of distraction and relax during the pilgrimage.

Also this place is a proprietary of Unitalsi and it want to be a meeting and friendly place to Unitalsi people’s measure.

In this sense, in June 2014, a stair lift that will allow disabled people to enjoy of the room on the first floor has been installed.

Montascale Casa ItaliaWe invite every hotel’s animators to visit and frequent this place to grow up in every pilgrimage the taste of belonging at an association attentive to the needs of others.

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