Hotel Florence

The Florence hotel is situated on the “rue de Pau” (Pau street) in front of the rear exit of the 7th piano of the Salus Infirmorum. He was bought by the association in 2009 and has been totally renovated.

The hotel Florence welcomes for the night the stretcher-bearers and sisters Unitalsi which have chosen the “brotherly share” and it is, with the Maris Stella hotel, one of two structures that accommodate the Unitalsi volunteers.

The associates who stay in this structure consume their meal at the self-service at the first floor of Salus Infirmorum.

At the first floor were transferred the direction and operative offices, that were situated at the seventh floor of the Salus, to reserve those spaces entirely at the transit operations and make it easier the stop off for those arriving and those leaving.

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At the second, third, and fourth floor we have 47 rooms for a total of 91 beds (6 single, 38 double and 3 triples).

The Florence hotel was built according to rule of “LABEL TOURISME HANDICAP” and it obtained the recognition as structure able to accommodate people with disabilities for mobility difficulties, visual, auditory or mentally. It is the only structure of Lourdes who got this recognition in its entirety and therefore can accommodate members with disabilities.

Since the season 2015, the hotel will provide the opportunity for a “TEMPORARY STOP” at the entrance, thanks to which our disabled guests will be able to stand in your own car as long as necessary for the descent.

From an associative view, the Houses are mainly reserved for our members. However, it is possible to stay at our facilities for all those who wish to spend a few days in Lourdes and serenity near the Sanctuary.

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