Hotel Maris Stella

It is situated on Rue de Pau, on the right side of Salus, is fully part of one of the structures Unitalsi and, as the Florence, it is reserved to the fraternity quotas.
The Maris Stella, after having been for many decades joined by a walkway to the body of the Lecuyer La Source Hotel, it was acquired in 2009 by our association and in 2010 it became an independent hotel.

The members who stay in this structure, they eat at the self-service in the first floor of the Salus Infirmorum.

camera maris stella

The Maris Stella has 57 rooms for a total of 120 beds.

The members hosted here they have access to Salus from the Rue de Pau and also from the interior gardens that are common to those of Salus Infirmorum.

From an associative view, the Houses are mainly reserved for our members. However, it is possible to stay at our facilities for all those who wish to spend a few days in Lourdes and serenity near the Sanctuary.

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