Who doesn’t know us, those who have never shared with us the experiences of the pilgrimage often wonder why the Unitalsi volunteers always have a smile on their lips and in their eyes there is a light of happiness. These are people who undergo a considerable physical effort, they often work uncomfortable to a remarkable tour de force during their stay in Lourdes, and moreover, they pay!

To understand all this there is only one way: try to come with us. Only in this way you can understand the joy of giving oneself, to get to the most comprehensive service of disadvantaged people, of our being pilgrims to the mysterious sanctuary that is the human being, our brother in Christ.

The joy of this path is born from the impulse of the heart capable of turning tears into smiles, the impulse that makes inexhaustible our physical and psychological strength, the same impulse that we are fed by the love that our brothers in difficulty give us and the serenity with which they carry their burden. The impulse that brings us closer to Jesus, who favored the poor, the young and the sick to whom he bent to heal.

So, the disciples of a God, who approached to the last, we discover the beauty of putting ourselves at “service” to those less fortunate and those in need of a smile, a hug, our tenderness, our listening and our care.

Our lives will never be the same after such an experience.

Therefore, we invite you to join us as volunteers, everyone can become a volunteers, putting at service to others their skills and their love for one’s neighbor.


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