The Hotel Manager

Each year, about 40,000 pilgrims members participate in our pilgrimages, who choose our association to live an intense experience of pilgrimage in direct contact with patients and volunteers.

It is our moral obligation to provide them all the necessary assistance so that they can live in the most peaceful and meaningful as possible.

The manager of the hotel in this area plays a key role in achieving this objective. He is the point of reference for people, often elderly, in research, in the path, that count to find by him welcome, competence, availability, listening and friendship.

The arrival at the station or at the airport of Lourdes

It would be good that the manager begins to provide his assistance to pilgrims already on the train immediately before the arrival at the station in Lourdes, but we know that this is almost impossible because people are in different coach and therefore are not easily contactable.

It is therefore desirable that the main instructions on how to behave on arrival are given on the radio: recommend not to get off immediately because generally the train makes a maneuver immediately after his arrival at the station, each person must carry one’s own luggage and go on the bus bearing the sign with the name of your hotel, do not use the big trucks in the station that are reserved for the transport of the patients’ baggage and the train supplies.

The same recommendations are applied to the pilgrims who arrive at the airport: the hotel manager will assist in the operations of baggage claim and he recommends to verify its integrity. In case of loss or damage to baggage is essential to file a complaint immediately. The complaints made after leaving the airport are not taken in consideration.

Both in the station and at the airport is good that the hotel manager wait pilgrims who are in the bus with the name of the hotel destination giving them all the assistance wondering if everyone is carrying one’s own luggage, checking if the hotel name is correct, helping to place the luggage and providing all that is necessary. If problems arise please contact the Unitalsi operator who wears a fluorescent yellow jacket.

The hotel accommodation

The hotel manager must attend at the rooms allocation and must be in possession of the final list prepared by Unitalsi that it will compared with the one in possession of the hotelier.

For any problem with certain relevance you may contact the management of the pilgrimage or hotel manager of the hospitality industry Unitalsi calling this phone number
It is essential that the hall of each hotel, with the day program, is affixed a notice about the references that every pilgrim may have in Lourdes. Therefore we invite to report clearly: the hotel management of the pilgrimage, the doctor for the sick in the hotel, the place where is installed the secretary of the pilgrimage and the phone number of the Salus direction.

It is also his duty to post every day, in a place where everyone can read it, the paper with the program of the day (often occur variations on the original program) and another with the event descriptions (trip to Bartrès, walk on the footsteps of Bernadette, etc)., advertise, invite to participation and provide all the necessary information, that you can find in the pilgrimage secretariat.

Verification of Attendance

The hotel manager has the task to be an intermediary between the secretariat of the pilgrimage and the hotelier for proper verification of attendance.

In addition to verify the overall number of attendance on the list he will have to write down the number of rooms divided by “single, double, triple, quadruple”.

With special care he must also indicate the presence of infants (0 to 3 years old) and children (from 3 to 10 years) and take note of these attendances on the list.
This verification must be made no later than the day of the arrival of the pilgrimage and should be delivered to the leaders of the secretariat of the pilgrimage.

The Unitalsi contract with hoteliers

The Unitalsi stipulates with every hotelier of Lourdes a contract that determines the prices of the services provided, the quality of services and pledges the hotelier to comply certain important clauses to ensure an enjoyable stay, considering the needs of volunteers staff and pilgrims with hours service rather challenging.

The hotel manager can ask the knowledge of those clauses and is required to act “fairly and constructively” in case of any inefficiency.

The departure of the pilgrimage

The manager of the hotel will receive a communication from the secretary of the pilgrimage with the departure time of the bus to the station or to the airport.

Then he also has to:

  • Inform pilgrims of the meeting time in the hotel for the pullman departure,
  • Indicate the place of baggage deposit and specify if there were more subgroups divided between trains and planes,
  • Inform the group about the need to vacate the rooms not later than 09:30
  • Mediate needs of the sisters and stretcher bearer in night service,
  • Attend the departure of the group to the airport and to the train station and verify that nothing is forgotten in the hotel or in the bus during the transfer.


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