The day of departure

In most cases, the pilgrimage to the departure, it immediately leaves room for the new that comes along.

It is good to plan each time with the direction of the House every detail of the last day of the program, in order to avoid overlap between these two sections.

The services provided are:

  • Luggage transfer to the transit of the seventh floor
  • Baggage loading
  • Cleaning of rooms
  • Reorganization of the dining rooms
  • Reorganization of the transit down
  • Inform guests of the program
  • Receive and animate the guests on the seventh floor
  • Assist at the time of departure of the Hospitality ambulances.


  • The transit can accommodates about 200 people
  • It is very important the presence of volunteers to entertain guests and to respond to any needs.
  • The Hospitality Ambulance bus can only accompany guests. They have a capacity of 25/30 people and it is allowed, exceptionally, 2 volunteers per bus.

After the departure of the last ambulance to the station, we can only wish you a safe journey and thank you for your cooperation!


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