The dining room service

Salus guests consume their meals at the dining room on the sixth floor.

The day of the arrival of the pilgrimage, the volunteer staff must be present one hour before the meal in the dining hall, for a meeting of preparation with the manager of the hall.


Generally, unless the needs of the pilgrimage require different schedules, breakfast starts at 7:30 am, lunch at 11:30 and dinner at 18:30.

The service staff is requested to arrive at least half an hour before and stay after each meal for the cleaning of the hall and of the crockery.


Guests with special diets have to report their needs to the responsible of the floor which in turn will notify the person in charge of the dining hall.

There are always available in white pasta or rice, noodles in soup, boiled vegetables and, on request, boiled meat or fish.


Guests who cannot consume meals in the dining hall have a chance to eat in the room.

At meal time, a sister in service at the floor goes to the dining hall and goes to the office where is delivered a heat tray.


The day of departure, the meal times may be subject to some variation in relation to the needs of transfer to the station or airport.

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