Servizio Civile a Lourdes

The experience of the National Civil Service was created with the accreditation of Unitalsi as a corporation of Civil Service at the UNSC in 2003. The start of the first abroad project in Lourdes was in 2004.


The Unitalsi has a very close relationship with Lourdes and his shrine. It is a striking connection that has always existed: the association must his birth exactly at the Marian Sanctuary of Lourdes. That is why among the various activities and the numerous pilgrimages of which the Unitalsi includes, Lourdes remains a favorite destination for its pilgrims: is a return to origins, to his native land.

Who wants do Civil Service abroad then can choose to go to Lourdes with the “Lourdes: the crossroads of stories ” project, to render his services between the “Salus Infirmorum” and the “Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes “, where there are many necessary activities and services so that the pilgrims can live true and important experiences.

It is right here, between the service of “welcome to pilgrims”, the International Medical Office and the Service to the “pools” that our Volunteers of the Civil Service live for a full year guarantee the welcome to all the pilgrims in Lourdes, with their constant and reliable participation, so that the pilgrims can feel at ease, whether young or old, healthy or sick.

For more information: Civil Service with Unitalsi .

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