Regulation and questions

The internship at the Hospitality Immaculate Heart of Mary is a volunteer experience and faith that is and must remain within the Unitalsi.

The volunteer who decides to perform, in addition to the pilgrimage, a period of service and faith path, he is helped by the Association that offers a free trip on their trains and requests the payment of a fee facilitated.

From these key concepts was made the regulation that we illustrate below :

  • They may ask to do an internship the volunteers who have made a pilgrimage during the year valid for the transition from the Auxiliary Member to Active Member.
  • The internship must be at least 8 days (up to 16 consecutive days).
  • It should not be made at the same time with the pilgrimage of his own section (except, of course, during the National in which all sections are present).

The Section and subsection Presidents have the responsibility to enforce of the rules above mentioned, they have the freedom to enforce them or to make exceptions at their sole discretion. Therefore, Presidents have the freedom to send to the in internships the volunteers who are familiar with the Association, which actively participate in the activities of Subsection, but also who, for various problems (not least the economic ones) cannot participate to pilgrimages sectional.

In the absence of an adequate number of volunteers, will be sent by the Lourdes Responsible to the sections demands for volunteers, in order to obtain a sufficient number of people to ensure the needs of the service in the self service.

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