Moments of brotherhood and sharing

The hospitality, as well as moments of service and training, allows the meeting of so many reality: men and women from all Sections of Italy, confronting, they manage to weave profound bonds, sealed by the power of the Holy Spirit always illuminates our path.
Each one approaches the other with a smile, heed, the prayer, and so we do not feel alone, but living part of the great Unitalsi’s family. Many friendships are born in this service, which allows you to highlight the beauty of the man being a friend of the other.

Thanks to the spiritual path dedicated, volunteers have the opportunity to learn about the Sanctuary and places near Lourdes, including Bartrès, Betharram and the “Cité St. Pierre”.

Also, listening to the testimony at the Cenacle – community of drug addicted rehabilitation – and convents of the Clarisse nuns and Carmelite cloistered, allows you to touch the inner transformation that God is able to achieve in each of us, His always be near.

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