The service

The voluntary work will become the practical realization of what has been learned and meditated in the course of spiritual training and acquires a deeper meaning seen in the light of the teaching of Christ, the first servant of the Father and His children.

In this spirit, you take on the commitment with joy and serenity: the stress, tiredness, the little dejection all become an opportunity to improve themselves and to reap great spiritual fruits of humanity and the spirit of brotherhood with which you make your own service.

The main task entrusted to the trainees takes place at the self-service in the first floor of the Salus and consists in distribute meals, keep the environment clean, serve at the bar between the two rooms, wash up the dishes and clean the dining rooms.

The work shifts and commitment are not lightweight, yet our volunteers conduct them with a smile and the joy of giving of themselves to the others, in the awareness of being “unworthy servants” and to pursue the objective of giving their best contribution with the success of every pilgrimage.

And that is enough to live in peace and feel rewarded for one’s own efforts.

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